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You Can Play Better!

Making the right decisions at the outset will affect your life-long success and enjoyment as a percussionist.

Many young drummers start out with the wrong stick, the wrong practice pad or an approach to drumming that emphasizes wacking away at the drums and cymbals rather then understanding percussion as musical instruments. The results? Who hasn't heard or seen them? Spending more money on more and more drums does not produce a better drummer. Better is not necessarily faster, or louder, or bigger.

"He's a good drummer - He just has a poor sense of rhythm!"

It would be nice to have a dollar for everytime I hear this! The truth is, everyone has a sense of rhythm but translating that sense into the intricate muscle control that a skilled percussionist needs requires the help of a master teacher and mentor.

Spreading the Gospel of Drumming

Whether in a private lesson, a master class, or working with a high school concert band it is easy to see how the years of dedication, practise and patience have been transformed into a musician whose skills are as solid as his character.

Learning to play drums well involves paying attention to the history of drumming: from those essential rudiments comes the basis for all advanced study. Whether it be on the rope drum or the drum set, the hand drum or the hi-tension drum corp snare, the triangle or tambourine: the basic skills remain the essential tools. Learning to play music means learning to read music and to appreciate the entire art of performance! A drummer can put out thousands of dollars on the best equipment and simply get nowhere. A few dollars, invested in a solid foundation and a good start will pay dividends for years to come.

It simply does not stop. The only limitations you encounter are those you place on yourself. Once the door has been properly opened the whole spectrum of sound and rhythm is open for you to experience and enjoy for a lifetime.

Copyright 2007. Nathan McLaren.

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